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Wedding Testimonial of Ed & Bev


The Invisable(ish) Man‎‎

Choosing to use a videographer was something we decided to do last minute. We contacted Jamie, he invited us round and we all got on straight away. He showed us his laboratory where he makes it all happen and we knew straight away he was the man for us.
His enthusiasm and attention to detail really impressed us to say the least! We didn’t hesitate in booking him and it proved to be the best decision we made! Everyone knows organising a wedding is massive and after putting in all that time and effort I can’t imagine not being able to re-live it like it was yesterday.
Jamie captured every little bit of the day, bits we’d forgotten and parts we’d not even seen! I honestly couldn’t say enough about Jamie and we couldn’t have been happier with our dvd. Although! Jamie did make us wait (sorry Jamie) because he hadn’t perfected it and wouldn’t be rushed… but the end result was perfect, unbelievable!
Jamie you are are a true proffessional, a truely a great bloke and dare I say it a hopeless romantic! Lots of love, Ed & Bev x


Venue: Dillington House

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