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Best wedding vid ever!!!‎‎

‎‎Rob and I got married over 2 years ago and we were debating whether or not we wanted the whole thing recorded. In the end, we decided to go for it and I was given Jamie as a recommendation. I arranged to meet him and travelled to Taunton (we live in London) and knew he was the guy for the job. He was very professional and yet friendly and easy to get on with. As I wasn’t from the area, he was helpful and guided me back to the station too. On our wedding day, I found Jamie rather calm and that wore off on me. As the day went on, I didn’t really notice him around or felt that the camera in our faces. When we received the dvd, we were so amazed by how much Jamie managed to capture from the day and every single moment was on tape. Two years on… I still watch the dvd and it feels as though it all took place yesterday. Every time I watch it, it brings back the excitement I felt on the day. We are so impressed and so glad that we hired him for the job. I really don’t think anyone else could have deliver such work as I have seen so many wedding vids and they were nothing compared to Jamie’s work. We sent copies to some guests who were unable to attend and they all comment on how lovely it was and that they felt as though they were there and saw us on our day. If you’re wondering ‘shall we’ or ‘shall we not’- just go for it! It’s money well spent and should be included in everyone’s budget.


Venue: St Audries Park