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Free Wedding Invitations from PartyPop

We are PartyPOP, the World’s largest online network for weddings, parties and events. We’d like to give you a gift. Something we’ve put our hearts into. PartyPOP is giving away 100% FREE printed wedding invitations.

Ok, long story short, what EXACTLY will you get when Mr. Mailman knocks on your door?

Gorgeous invitations printed on 80lbs card stock paper, plus beautiful envelopes in matching design. All in professional layout, chosen by you.

Is everything REALLY free?

Yes! We know (and value) the real meaning of the word “FREE”. So, to be crystal clear: we do not take ANY money from you for the design, paper, envelopes, printing or shipping. Also, there is no fee later, no need to buy anything or print anything yourself. How cool is that?

Why are we giving something of this value away (at no cost whatsoever)?

With the amount of spam and scam on the Internet, people have stopped believing that something awesome can be given away for free. The answer is really simple: we are passionate about great weddings and instead of spending millions on TV commercials, we spend our ad budget on you! Maybe, that’s why we are the largest and most reliable online event and wedding directory. All we hope to accomplish is that, if you are really happy, you will tell your friends about us. And who knows, maybe one day, when you decide to plan another party, you’ll think of us. That’s all that there is to it, really.

Will you get anything else, apart from the invitations?

Now, it may sound crazy, but the answer is yes! The bride and groom, who order our free invitations, will also get access to their own web page. Through this page you’ll be able to post your wedding stories and pictures, you can link the page to your social networks and share comments coming from your friends. You can get valuable help for organizing your wedding, your guests get access to all the important information such as RSVP options and much-much more!

Free Printed Wedding Invitations


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