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What I Do


Below I have given some examples of what you will receive as part of your wedding DVD.


The DVD cover and disc are personalised with photographs taken on your wedding day.  If you have any particular design ideas in mind, perhaps to tie in with your wedding invitations, then please give me a copy so I can copy the designs.

Your wedding DVD has two animated menus; one giving the option to play all of your wedding and another allowing you to select different scenes from throughout the day. I also use a song of your choice to play in the background of the menus.

Your final DVD contains edited footage of the entire day and is approximately 1.5hours long (depending upon length of ceremony and speeches). You receive three copies although further copies are available if required.

Wedding Highlights

This is the part you will want to watch over and over again… your wedding day retold using the best-of-the-best shots and set to a song of your choice. You can see examples in the Portfolio Section of the website.

The Ceremony

I arrive two hours before the ceremony to set up the cameras and to recorded setup shots of the venue. The buildings, the gardens, the flowers.. even the weather! I then film the groom and guests arriving and await the arrival of the bride. All of this is complimented with music playing in the background.

I film the entire wedding ceremony using two video cameras and radio microphones ensuring that we don’t miss a word… or a tear.

After the ceremony I capture the bride and groom having their photos taken, drinking champagne, talking to their guests and, if applicable, leaving for the reception venue. Music plays throughout.

The Photo Shoot

During the Photo Shoot I stand back to let your photographer do their work, but the cameras are still rolling. It’s a lovely opportunity to capture shots of the bride and groom acting natural, plus all the family looking their best. Again music plays throughout.

The Reception

I film the grand entrance of the Bride and Groom into the reception room. I also film a little amount of your guests seated at their tables just to remind you of who was sat with whom. I capture short clips of the food being served, but after that I leave you in peace to enjoy your meal.


During the wedding speeches I use two video cameras and radio microphones, again to capture every word (and heckle!).

The Evening

In the evening I capture the arrival of your evening guests and family socialising and dancing. I film the first dance using two cameras and continue filming into the night. If you have a live band playing I also record a couple of songs, plus include footage of everyone on the dancefloor.

By approximately 9pm I begin to bring the filming to a close, capturing closing shots of the bride and groom and of the venue as darkness beings to fall.