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1The best way to capture somebody in either a photograph or wedding film is when they are unaware of your presence. The smiles are natural and their natural personality shines through. I therefore leave you to enjoy your wedding day and capture all the special moments.

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Stunning Imagery

2I’m a passionate wedding videographer with a eye for beauty and detail. I enjoy telling the story of your wedding day through a mixture of stunning images. Take the look at my portfolio and I’m sure you’ll agree.

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3Every wedding and every couple are different so no two wedding films are ever the same. I quietly film your day from start to finish and then produce a professional wedding DVD that weaves together footage and music to tell your own personal story of love.

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4Wedding Music is an extremely important part of wedding videos. It sets the style and pace of the wedding video plus makes the whole video production incredibly personal. I spend a lot of time with couples choosing music and then spend days weaving it throughout your wedding film.

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Why book a wedding video?

Close your eyes for a moment and try to recall an event from your past… Is it as vivid today as it was back then? A wedding day is no exception. The heightened emotion can be so overwhelming the entire wonderful and exciting day can become a blur.

Contemporary wedding filming by entwined films allows you to relive your special day as though it happened only yesterday.

Relive your vows, laugh and cry again during the speeches and see all the small details you had forgotten or simply missed altogether. One of the most important days of your life captured by an artistic eye so that you can transport yourself back in time and be reminded of the beauty of the day.
I‘m a passionate wedding filmmaker and complete romantic at heart. I work quietly and unobtrusively, capturing all the special moments and then produce a stunning wedding film that I promise you will want to watch time and time again. Romantic wedding videography at its best!

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