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Wedding Music

If you have ever looked at the music credits at the end of a movie you will no doubt have been surprised by how many songs feature in the film. This is because when edited properly, the video and music compliment each other and become one.

Your wedding film is no different and the average wedding video by Entwined Films will use approximately a dozen songs. It is therefore very important to give consideration to which songs you would like to use as it will set the style and pace of the film, defining the overall emotion of the film and making it personal to you both.

Entwined Films have therefore created an extensive Wedding Music Database allowing you to scan through a variety of styles and pick those that appeal to you. In particular you will need to think of music for the following:

  • Entrance of the Bride (The Processional)
  • Signing of the register (2-3 songs)
  • Departure of the Bridal Party (The Recessional)
  • First Dance

In addition to the above your wedding film will also feature music for the following:

  • DVD Menu
  • Wedding Highlights Film (Examples in the Portfolio)
  • Arrival of the Groom and Guests
  • Preparation of the Bride
  • The Photoshoot
  • The Wedding Reception
  • The Evening Celebrations

It is not necessary to specify wedding songs for each item in the second list. Instead we recommend you put together a list of artists and titles you like. During the editing process we will then choose the songs that work best alongside the footage. And the more songs you choose the better.

To access the music database simply click here and enter the password provided to you when you booked your wedding. Want to see the type of music we use in our other videos? visit New Vision Media’s video portfolio.